Premium & high performance mats to complement your yoga, meditation and other movement practice.


At it's core, LUVe YOGA celebrates love, self-care and the pursuit of a healthy & joyous life

We believe that all aspects of Yoga, meditation or movement experience can provide a spiritual connection. The mat is no exception.

We are passionate about sharing the message of LUVe and hope to assist you to reach a place of inward connection through your yoga, meditation or other movement practice. 

Our Premium Collection is best suited for vinyasa, hatha or other general movement or exercise activities. Made of biodegradable, recyclable natural tree rubber, 100% safe and free from PVC, silicone, and phthalates.

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Our yoga mats are manufactured from sustainably sourced natural tree rubber bonded to an absorbent and non slip microfibre suede surface.

Best suited for nidra, meditation, or hot yoga.

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Customer Love

Really happy with my LUVe yoga mat! The microfibre material makes it so comfortable and grippy, and it looks beautiful laid out


My microfibre Natural Yoga Mat is pure bliss. It's delightfully lightweight and thin whilst providing a cushie and ultra-soft comfort and touch


I am obsessed with my new LUVe YOGA mat! The Premium yoga mat in Turkish blue is stunning and has definitely motivated me to workout more at home.

Alannah Holloway