Sustainability - at the heart of LUVe

LUVe Yoga is humbled by the beauty and magnificence of our little earth and enormous universe. Connection and care for ourselves and the people around us is at the heart of our passion. But we hold the same passion for the world we live in.

Sustainable, eco-friendly and vegan

Our mats are sustainably produced, eco-friendly and vegan. We use natural tree rubber sourced and artificially planted in geographic areas most proximal to our factory. 

Our factory is also passionate about the ‘lung of our planet’. We are fully confident about their sustainable practices which access rubber liquid from trees ~8-12 years old and which are part of a broader sustainable farming process.

Workers cut away the tree bark to access the liquid for production of the rubber in a manner which allows the tree to heal naturally and continue to grow for repeated and broader use and for longer life!

This certified pure natural tree rubber is recyclable. Our surface materials are bonded directly to the pure rubber base for optimal efficiency and most eco friendly processing.