Our Story

Our core passion is one of Love or LUVe. And sharing it!!

But the LUVe team is passionate about a lot of things. And we hope to explore those points of interest with you over time. 

Below is a quick note from one of the founders - it talks a tickle to the foundations of LUVe. 

A note from one of the founders - origins of LUVe and why the yoga mat?

I'm Alexandra. I have always loved movement. And movement to think. 

To me, yoga has always represented peace, connection and love.

And it is a world unto its own?

There are so many different types of yoga - Vinyasa, Hatha, Kundalini; slow or fast, meditative or movement focused, philosophical and/or physically focussed. And there is a deep foundational learning that can come with it - personal, social, psycho social, physical, mind body connection, historical and spiritual?! 

I leant more into yoga after my third baby. I was finding more space to seek out the peace and calm the practice can provide. 

With the support of my husband and family I took a four-week trip to Bali to complete my Vinyasa-based yoga teacher training with New York based group, The Sacred Fig. My babies and husband joined me for a significant chapter there - at this time my husband and I hatched the vision of 'LUVe'. 

LUVe seeks to spread the simple message of love, kindness and care to a broadening community of fabulous people?!  

Realistically I wasn't going to have the capacity to teach or offer nurture to a huge number of people directly. Also, there is a world of fabulous practitioners - already out there offering wonderous knowledge, nurture guidance and care.

But why not the yoga mat? 

Yoga doesn't necessarily require any equipment. Part of its beauty.

But a yoga mat that doesn't have too serious a feeling - is simple, pretty and maybe just carries a simple message of love? I felt there was a sense of joy, opportunity and sharing in that. 

Bringing the idea & vision to life in 2020 - LUVe YOGA now offers premium/high performance, sustainable and recyclable yoga mats in a variety of materials, lengths and thicknesses. Our product is kind to both ourselves and the environment around us.

My favourite is the full size nile green premium! And my children rumble, yoga, and leap all over their three quarter length versions of the same!

We like to think that our mats might help you reach a place of inward connection more readily - whether because of their simple message of love and uncomplicated pretty aesthetic; or because they capture and carry you through a process of self repair, reflecton, growth and joy over time. 

Some of the passion points we'd like to explore with  you over time include:  

  • patterning and rewiring our body - physically and mentally - for contentment, love and joy
  • using colour to inspire thought and feeling
  • not storing trauma in the body
  • treading lightly - with and amongst each other, and for our planet
  • women wellness and empowerment
  • support and love for women post or during the baby chapter
  • nurturing our young women and teaching them to self love
  • loving and enabling the boys - big and small
  • energy sources and tapping into them
  • spirituality
  • general wellbeing
  • fabulous providers and practitioners - natural health, yoga and otherwise
  • science, insights, and recent learning
  • international politics and humanitarian considerations
  • the arts, celebration and joy

Follow us @luveyoga and check in soon/stay close?

Please contact us with any questions, queries or thoughts. 

Love & kindness,

Alexandra Champion de Crespigny