How do I wash my LUVe Mat? 

 – Premium Adult Yoga mat: Wipe down with cloth and some water and then air dry the mat. This mat may collect ‘marks’ of your story from time to time. We think this is beautiful. Part of your story of self care, repair and or growth. But if you would like to have a more determined clean of your mat removal of grease or oils may be assisted by wiping down your mat with a combination of vinegar and water. Wipe down with ‘mineral spirits’ and water will assist in the removal of other scuffs and marks. No machine wash or tumble try.

 – Microfibre Natural Yoga - Gentle cold machine wash with no detergent or tumble dry

How do I store my LUVe Mat?

– Make sure the mat is completely dry, roll the mat up keeping the towel side on the exterior and secure with the strap

– Store out of direct sunlight to keep the colours vibrant

Why should I purchase a LUVe Yoga mat?

– LUVe Yoga offers premium, sustainable, biodegradable and recyclable yoga mats at an accessible price.

– Our mats are free from the nasties - silicone, toxic glue, and phthalates - they are 100% safe

– Our mats are perfect for sweaty practice, the more you sweat the more you grip!

Please reach out if you have any unanswered questions - we'd love to chat with you.