Logo & Colours

LUVe or Love

Our logo very clearly and immediately speaks to our core message of LOVE or LUVe. We could have danced around the edges on this, but we are passionate about carrying this message of self love care and nurture for us and the world around us. Why not keep it most simple and take that forward with gusto.

The Fig

The fig is reference to the founding teachers training with New York based group ‘the Sacred Fig’. This training group included various disciplines which we look forward to sharing and exploring and sharing with you over time.

One of the areas of discipline with the sacred fig was catharsis, trauma release and repatterning - physical and within the mind! Part of the reason we are passionate about our mats having the potential to or being part of supporting and capturing your 'story''.

BUT also! The fig historically references women, nurture and care. Something that LUVe is certainly passionate about and looks forward to taking forward..


LUVe is passionate about global connection. The magnificence of human kind but also our humble place within it.  We hope our ‘colour story’ might speak to this a little.

We will explain and build this story more or better with time. But there are many magical places that have historically or currently bring, supported or connected the world. We'd like to play on this with our colour catalogue. 

BUT also! Again there is a more simple side - your mat is made to be 'pretty'. We hope our colour story might pop a smile on your face as you contemplate your practice if only because it is good looking! 

What colour would you like to see next? Feel free to let us know!