Purpose & Vision

At its heart. The purpose for LUVe yoga is to spread a message of self-care, love, nurture and connection for self, others and the world around us.

Current offering – the yoga mat

With LUVe we wanted to bring you first a premium performance, eco-friendly and ‘pretty’ product offering that brings with it a message of self-care, love and nurture. And we wanted to bring that offering without being too heavy handed on the philosophical side of things or our passion for yoga.

Why the yoga mat?

Yoga doesn’t necessarily need a mat. Part of its beauty. But the mat can provide significant physical and spiritual support in your practice. 

 Let your yoga mat be a sacred place of self-care and joy. A space that holds a simple message of love and a moment taken out of your busy day. Or, let it be a place where you capture and collect your ‘story’ over time?

 Premium performance - for any movement or meditation practice

LUVe’s yoga mats are not restricted to or held just for yoga. Whatever their purpose and function they are premium in terms of connection and performance– slip and grip! Take it away and enjoy your day!!

So what do we mean by a 'story'? 

Yoga and other movement or meditation practices can be very powerful.

Yoga can take you through catharsis or trauma release. It can repattern the energetic rivers and streams in your body, reshaping how and what you think. Or yoga can more simply provide contentment, peace, growth and joy.

Let your yoga mat represent and capture all these things. Let it be the place that more readily takes you to that space of inward connection. And if your transformation or journey is more significant - then perhaps, yes, your mat is capturing your 'story'. Sacred.